Sign Up for AllStarLink

To use AllStarLink you must be an Amateur Radio operator with a current license. That's because AllStarLink is a network of ham radio stations which only hams may transmit on. However, you may use app_rpt for any other lawful purpose without an AllStarLink account. We use QRZ or other public databases to check the information you provide. If you are not listed in any publically accessable database we will ask you to email a copy of your license.

When you complete sign-up you will receive an email with a link to confirm your email address. At that point we will check your information (usualy within 24 hours) and send you an email with your account status.

CHANGED your CALLSIGN? If your callsign has changed please use this change callsign link to request a new call. Please do not request a new account as your existing nodes will not be moved.

Also note that it is seldom necessary to need more than AllStarLink account. That's because each node has it's own ID and the node list shows both the account callsign and the callsign of the node. We try to prevent you from having more than one account by requiring your email address to be unique.